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When your Salesman is Chinese

소스 코드
  • 게시일 2021. 06. 28.
  • Trying to mix it up with some reaction video and skits every now and then... What do you think? Majority of non-skit videos will be on the second channel.
    I appreciate you stoppin by Kings and Queens.

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  • Apple Man

    As an Indian, this is hilarious. Indian salesmen will pull the "My friend" card. "This 25 dollar, but for you my friend, I do 22".

  • AirlessOwl

    Everytime he jumps on his bed it is not to make fun of the Chinese salesmen. It is in fact to show the durability of his bed which you can buy for the low low price of $200

  • Anže Blagus


  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    Man almost gets beheaded by car

  • Nendndysydhd Fhfhfhb je

    Steven: Asian people demonstrate aggressively.

  • Golden
    Golden  +670

    As someone who has lived in the US for their entire life, I wish more of the salesmen here had this style of approach, especially for the products that claim to be durable. I just want to see if it breaks, then if it doesn’t I might buy.

  • Karst18
    Karst18  +1

    I can’t wait for the sketch: “when Chinese salesmen try to one up each other” 😂😂😂😂

  • s1eepyjozu

    Can’t wait to relate to this 😭

  • Mr.Monocle
    Mr.Monocle  +950

    "Chinese salesmen are NEVER happy!"

  • Ultradude
    Ultradude  +378

    The glasses thing makes sense to me. No joke. About 14 years ago, I was a cook in a Chinese restaurant. Got into a minor wrestling match with the delivery guy in the back alley. My glasses fell on the ground, and a part of it broke off. You can see why a pair of sturdy glasses is an asset.

  • WindedEmulation11

    Steven has demonstrated his prowess as a Chinese salesman by properly showing off the durability of his bed. He has officially graduated from Chinese Salesman Academy.

  • maksimgames1

    i actually had something like this with my grandmother, the only difference is that she's a ukrainian, she bought a mug that was said to be very durable as a present for a birthday. she brought the mug and said it's "unbreakable" then to emphasize it's "unbreakableness" she chucked it at the ground with all her strength. the best description of what happened to that poor mug is that it "disintegrated" on contact with the ground.

  • Emma Liew

    Can confirm, the angrier the salesman, the higher the sales.

  • VideoCRshEd

    "You buy dis le, you family no think you a failure." Steven's dad to any child at a luxury car dealership

  • Kase
    Kase  +529

    A wise man once said a failure is an opportunity to learn. Thank you Steven for teaching us so much.

  • Alex Hamato

    Honestly, I wouldn’t mind a durability test over being exceptionally nice. I remember going into a beauty salon and the hair dresser was an older Chinese woman. She noticed I have huge eyebrows and was like, “Oh, what big eyebrows. Here, sit down. Sit down. I will fix your eyebrows.”

  • Cody Striker

    I was once with my father shopping for drones. We had rejected many possible drones because they were most likely defective since we were in a second-hand shop. We were watching one of the salespeople show off a drone to some other people, and I think either me or my father mentioned how it would most likely break. He looked straight at us, and threw it right into the roof. It fell down and he started jumping in top of it. Needless to say, we bought it after.

  • Jacintha Dang

    I remember when my sister went to buy a screen protector, the salesman literally took a knife and scratch it to show us how good the screen protector is 😂😭

  • KloaGustl
    KloaGustl  +530

    That's actually the selling point for some chinese products for me. They don't skimp out on testing.

  • The Sky Way

    Steven is going to hit a million subs in less that 2 weeks, maybe even one. Mark my words.