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When "Asian" is a Difficulty Mode 2

소스 코드
  • 게시일 2021. 11. 04.
  • This video has my favourite bloopers on my entire channel. Exclusively on
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    This was filmed in NYC in front of SWARMS of tourists who I'm sure paid to see the landmarks but instead spent their entire 2 hours staring at me.
    No Stevens were harmed in this production.

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  • Steven He

    I’m still paying off my arts degree 🙂

  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    I almost died of actual laughter when he died during a cutscene

  • Swapnil Kumar


  • F1rst World NomaD

    Why is the stereotypical Asian accent even funnier when it comes from an Asian?

  • Trend Lyrics


  • Ronnie Khairul

    As a gamer, I can relate. Damn, I need this Asian difficulty.

  • Ember‘s Mirage

    I just want to mention that he actually performed the signs for the great fire ball jutsu and called the correct chakra nature out.

  • Sad Vibes Forever

    there really is a first time for everything, never had my jaw drop in laughter since like... the mask? or who framed roger rabbit? but never a youtube video.

  • Jon McAtee
    Jon McAtee  +848

    The “assaulto rifle” at

  • Halo5678
    Halo5678  +346

    Imagine the people in the park seeing a dude ragdoll repeatedly just to suddenly start practicing martial arts

  • Nael Mohammed

    I thought "EMOTIONAL DAMAGE!" was the funniest line, but for some reason I find "I will send you to Jesus" funnier 🤣

  • Saksham Mani Tripathi

    The way he was controlling his laughter during the cutscene made me cry out of laughter

  • Triangle Moebius

    If anyone wants to experience "Asian Difficulty", there is an ancient game called "I Wanna Be The Guy" that does it *perfectly*.

  • The Green Plumber Man

    Man Steven holding back his laughter during the cutscene just cracked me up

  • PsychoFish
    PsychoFish  +110


  • Subsassaree

    Everything about that killed me in laughter... "I will send you to Jesus" whilst holding a slipper... Fucking hell. In fact this whole video is Asian difficulty, you just die of laughter each time.

  • Carly Harris
    Carly Harris 일 전 +34

    Concepts, Perception, Levels,

  • Neeraj Krishnan

    game devs seriously need to consider this guy for ragdoll death animations lol

  • Erik Urizita

    Man that fall damage is a killer. It’s amazing how realistic they are getting with deaths. I too have died stepping off curbs and poison grass.

  • xHomiez
    xHomiez  +5

    dude please like PLEASE keep this series going 😂😂😭😭😭