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Actual Footage of my dad's Trip to School

소스 코드
  • 게시일 2021. 03. 30.
  • You guys legit made me go to A MOUNTAIN. The things I do to entertain you......... Somebody better sponsor me soon

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  • King Nipper
    King Nipper 년 전 +15

    Steven's father was willing to fight two Lions, but not the IRS. A brave, yet smart man.

  • Intergalactic Degen Gypsy

    stevens dad has the best genetics, he still looks as young as his son

  • DeadlineUNIVERSE

    I wish Steven would have photoshopped the lions.

  • NabicanEmpress -

    I love him questioning himself 🤣”where do coffee beans come from?” “Is that low or is that high?” These are important questions 🤣🤣

  • Laerei
    Laerei  +4

    So yeah, this is actually how my mother described her trip to school: every day she had to walk 10 kilometers to school because there was no school bus and her parents didn't have a car. They did have a horse and a wagon but why waste effort when kid can walk by herself? Anyhow, in winter this meant a 10 kilometer trip through thick snow and blizzard. No one was ploughing the roads so she had to guess her way through the mountains of snow, using trees and farms to find her way. To make it easier, she would ski. And of course, she would have to find her way back home in the evening. And then do homework for the next day, too.

  • Minyu Belson

    I can't believe he's so successful, he invented cameras with colours.

  • Aaron Huggard
    Aaron Huggard 년 전 +6

    Steven's dad is single handedly carrying this channel up hill both ways

  • SomeoneSomewhere

    I feel so lucky to be able to witness this rare historical footage, really felt like I was there drinking the water with him 😔

  • Lemunn pro

    Stevens dad: Everyday we had to make our own chair.

  • Jean Jenkins
    Jean Jenkins 일 전 +41

    Concepts, Perception, Levels,

  • Idea Ammo
    Idea Ammo  +895

    "if you want the coffee, you've got to catch the bean from the sky"

  • Girl With The Blue Glasses

    I love how he has to make a new chair at school every day instead of just keeping the first one he made.

  • Reagan
    Reagan 년 전 +25

    This man wearing boots, shorts, sports shirt, and a business jacket at the same time.

  • A S H _ 灰

    My dad used to cross 7 continents, climb mount everest 5 times a day, Fight with tanks and warships, hand-shook hitler and finally after after participating in the WWII they finally used to reach the school.

  • wienzard
    wienzard  +825

    my dad legit used to say things like: 'see, back in my days i traveled through hills and river to school. collecting dry firewood and bunch of

  • Al AL
    Al AL  +156

    😂 my dad literally had to cross a forest to get to school but he never threw that in my face he made it into awesome stories

  • Uncontrolled Chaos

    “Drink this water, you travel through time. I drank this water and woke up a week later in a ditch.”

  • Candace Sewell

    This literally turned my whole night around! 😆 Thank you so much, I needed that laugh. Something as simple as going on KRclip just to watch a random funny video can really be good for the soul. And you did that for me 😊💖💓

  • Hawkfire Queen
    Hawkfire Queen 년 전 +7

    "This water give you powers. You drink this water you travel through time. Once I drink, wake up a week later in a ditch" HAHAHA

  • Goo Gle
    Goo Gle  +723

    Joker doesn’t fear Batman but fears the IRS