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If Asians Made Alexa

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  • 게시일 2021. 04. 04.
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  • BhaiLogKaAdda
    BhaiLogKaAdda 년 전 +11

    Can I get one of that? I really need that to fix my life.

  • Blue Horizon

    “Are you dumb? When I was nine, I invented calculus.” I died there 😂

  • Jannick Pedersen
    Jannick Pedersen 년 전 +14

    "No, too expensive - no sale" - what a hero Alexa is :D

  • Amiel Malay

    If this ever gets invented, eventually someone's going to sue the company... for EMOTIONAL DAMAGE!

  • Ryan Cooper

    I love how "Alex" is a toilet paper roll 😂

  • Stephen Cross

    "Just a five o'clock reminder.....

  • MeteoLDragomaster
    MeteoLDragomaster 년 전 +15

    Every time his father talks about how far he traveled to school the distance increases.

  • Lucas Jones

    “Just a 5pm reminder YOUR STILL A FAILURE” pretty banger life advice right there

  • Vrinda Abrol
    Vrinda Abrol 년 전 +2

    "When I Was Your Age..."

  • Pratheek Acharya Electronics Engineering

    The fact that he recorded alex s dialogues in dad s costume has increased my respect for him.......great work my man

  • ChaosLord
    ChaosLord  +948

    I like how Steven's still in the dad outfit when he's doing the voice off-screen.

  • **SG**
    **SG**  +1

    “There are 2 types of Asian’s: asians that can eat peanuts.. and failures”

  • betheroo

    "There's two types of Asians: Asians who can eat peanuts and failures." lol

  • jdawg101

    When he said "A-lex, what is the pythagoreun theorem?" my Echo dot explained what it was 😆

  • Just some guy who is the icon of women's rights

    "Also, when you two getting married"

  • hanajak
    hanajak 19 시간 전 +6

    I like how even though the dad was offscreen, Steven still dressed up like him to do the voice lines 🤣

  • Marc Beuford-willis

    Me: "Alex how do i cook minute rice?"

  • Gandalf the Grey

    "Too expensive.... No sale!"

  • Microsoft Word
    Microsoft Word 년 전 +6

    “Alex, can you teach me how to cook rice?”

  • Mewtwo
    Mewtwo  +1

    If Alex closed the electrical lines then he will close himself down