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When you discover the earth is flat

소스 코드
  • 게시일 2021. 06. 14.
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댓글 • 4 622

  • Luc Lefebvre

    I always love when Steven posts! Makes my day

  • Lovedeep Singh

    he's the kind of guy who puts the ruler under his pillow to know how long he's been asleep


    Steven: “Have you ever seen a dead bird on the ground?”

  • LostInSanity

    "Its actually completely free? I'll take five"

  • John Cromer

    The saddest thing is that there are flat earthers who literally believe everything he jokes about in this video.

  • good boi

    Steven: drops tape measure says its ruler

  • Asmadaa
    Asmadaa  +192

    I love how he focused on the mobile phone while talking about tracking chips 😆

  • BFjordsman

    If the Earth was flat cats would have already knocked everything off the side

  • Rick_Natious

    Steven: Why do birds sit on Electric power line? Because they're charging

  • timm holl

    I love how YT posts the Wikipedia "context" regarding the flat earth theory.

  • Chris Smith

    I love the 'bird perch on powerlines because they're actually drones that and are charging'.

  • lazerMonarch

    Steven's acting is at the point where he might just become an actor

  • Dani Fernandes

    The scariest thing is that there is a group of people who actually believe that birds are really dead and what we see are drones. Thats crazy

  •  ShortHax

    When you discover the karenavirus is real...

  • Blüdhound732

    Steven’s father was actually the one who flattened the Earth so he could walk to school

    XdJACOBYT  +756

    "where do you get your news" "Facebook"

  • pyroneutral

    the line about drones disguised as birds using the power lines to charge is actually kinda scary to think about

  • TheCriminalViolin

    "Dad, why is the earth flat?"

  • Airotiv
    Airotiv  +12

    I LOVE how he matched his shades to the shirt, one shot and already he was on another level! LOVE YOU MAN 💜

  • Z _ Man
    Z _ Man  +2

    Stevens dad: Your uncle didn't go to school. Now he is fat.