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How Asian Parents Roast Your Dreams

소스 코드
  • 게시일 2021. 05. 25.
  • Steven went on to graduate law school and become a lawyer. He did not have to serve McChicken Sandwiches with no lettuce.
    Instead he made this video. Please press the like button so he can forget for a moment that he's an absolute failure of an actor HAHAHAHAHAH

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  • red.stars_

    I love how he doesn’t get offended when he calls him a disappointment but when he says you getting Panda Express his face what priceless😂

  • r
    r  +538

    "I swam all the way from China for you to be a disappointment"

  • TimeGlitz xGamin

    "Here's a gift"

  • Jayden D

    The fact I was starting to nod along and go “yeah, Steven’s dad has a point, Steven shouldn’t become an actor” and then i stop and realise Steven is an actor and his acting is so good that I’m being convinced he shouldn’t be one.

  • Martin Jacobsen

    The fact that he made making fun of his dad into a career is just perfect

  • Stephen - Brawl Stars

    “For dinner you’re getting Panda Express”

  • Little Bear

    " you're ugly. But I take fully responsibility"

  • Abby Abegaz

    “Where is my receipt, I want to return you” 😭😂 that killed me

  • Sarcastic
    Sarcastic  +511

    “Grades aren’t everything mom”

  • Niklas M
    Niklas M  +49

    I love how Steven's dad has the wheel hanging on the wall, so that he can look at in case he would forget if Steven should be a doctor or a lawyer. Always a good comfort for the parent.

  • Shota
    Shota  +545

    As an aspiring actor, I found this remarkably hilarious and heartbreaking simultaneously

  • Deathstroke

    This has literally happened to me, my parents said become a lawyer instead of doctor because I would end more lives than I would save. They also said if I acted it would be the first movie to get negative rotten tomatoes, amongst other things. Lmao I love Asian parents

  • RageElixir

    Steven is now an actor 🥲

  • Harim
    Harim  +169

    This isn't just supreme comedy, this is therapy for Steven's trauma and emotional damage wanting to be an actor. You are the best❤️ jiayou

  • Monica Casis

    This reminds of the time I told my uncle I want to be a lawyer and he took one look at my penmanship and said I'll fail so then my dream changed to being a nurse but my mom just said no, because of the low pay. Teacher? No. HM? NO.

  • Bruce Dwayne Zabdiel De Castro

    Jokes aside.This is very legit especially on Young Asians aspiring to be different from the rest of the world. Support and a go signal is what we need from parents not insults and control.

  • Foxie
    Foxie  +200

    The way he said “And hey you’re getting Panda Express for dinner”

  • Ludsama
    Ludsama 12 시간 전 +9

    "Here's a gift." "A mirror?" "So you can see how dumb you look." 🤣 EMOTIONAL CARNAGE!!

  • DanielMarvinHills


  • Chris Deep

    The irony is, he's actually a good actor.