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When Asians fail Math

소스 코드
  • 게시일 2021. 02. 27.
  • Rip that frozen chicken.

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  • Grogu Stonks
    Grogu Stonks 년 전 +30

    Who just randomly started watching Steven and became addicted to him?

  • Laurie Smith

    "Who the hell didn't unfreeze the chicken?"

  • Rageblade Jax

    Can we have a moment to appreciate the man. He actually practiced using nunchucks for the video (I mean unlocked the skill from his Asian genes) , this is dedication. kudos mate.

  • I need Jesus

    Steven’s dad: The atmosphere not as strong as China, just a small mistake

  • BSW H.E.LL.O.S

    “Back in my days physics wasn’t invented yet “

  • Sai kundan Reddy

    This guy just made my day

  • Parker Wright
    Parker Wright 년 전 +5

    the real flex is him being out in a t shirt in the snow

  • wise_girl

    "WHAT?! I could've done that?!"

  • Kita Prime
    Kita Prime  +726

    This guy's freaking hilarious. If you dislike, he'll send you to Jesus.

  • EqWillibrium

    I love this guy. He’s forever changed how I’m gonna say “Stupid”.

  • Rebecca Elnaggar

    “In my day physics was not invented yet”that explains the gravity defying martial art moves portrayed in ancient Chinese dramas 😅

  • Eric
    Eric 년 전 +17

    Can we just appreciate the fact that he actually looks pretty badass when using nunchucks

  • Sir Ian Felix Brighton Esquire

    This deserves WAY more views for the fact he was doing nun chucks AND acting at the same time. That confidence and ability shows how well he truly knows the craft. Like guitar, or Piano, it’s all muscle memory! That’s incredible.

  • Alexander Birek

    "WHO THE HELL DIDN'T UNFREEZE THE CHICKEN!?" sounds like my mom when I didn't do the dishes lol

  • Debbie Nishiki
    Debbie Nishiki 28 일 전 +5

    This skit really cracked me up...I haven't laughed this hard in a long time!! Thanks for that!!

  • Vi Stasiya
    Vi Stasiya  +149

    I had a shitty day so this is really helping me feel better with the laugh, lmao. Thanks!

  • Emperor Trevor Norton

    Physics wasn't invented yet every single time rewatching this that still has me laughing my ass off before the full wheezing laughter after that line

  • eurydice fiori
    eurydice fiori 년 전 +16

    "back in my day, physics wasn't invented yet"

  • Izuky
    Izuky  +100

    Your "end to end rotation" at the end of the video was actually very clean, you should continue to play with nunchakus, you have potential and it's pleasant to see you help to the growth of the nunchaku community with humor !! :)