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Why Ghosts Don't Haunt Asians 2

소스 코드
  • 게시일 2021. 05. 18.
  • Industry leading CGI production quality. Only on this failure of a channel.
    Thank you guys for having my back this week, I've finished moving back to NYC. Back on Schedule now.
    Also the Algorithm changed.... Now the like button and satisfaction surveys are king. Please demolish them. Ok.

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  • bladethrower02
    bladethrower02 년 전 +35

    i can prove his laughter cure faliure i was failing 3 classes 1 month before my finals this week and i brought them all up and got my finals done with a week to spare

  • Jeevan Jacob
    Jeevan Jacob 년 전 +13

    "Did I say you could leave?"

  • Mayson's Workshop

    "You have telekineti- telekine- telemarketing power!"

  • Lenka Bzdurska


  • Antonis Stavroulakis
    Antonis Stavroulakis 21 일 전 +162

    "I walked your dimension to get to school!"

  • Zetsubo
    Zetsubo  +280

    Imagine telling a ghost that initially wanted to haunt you that it cannot leave unless you allow it. That's actually lowkey badass.

  • hungry meat
    hungry meat 년 전 +13

    I love how he brings common sense and reality to everyone... even a ghost.


    Therrapist: Why are you haunting this guy?

  • Angry Boi
    Angry Boi  +744

    “Did I say you could leave. Go do the dishes”

  • sususegar
    sususegar  +551

    As an Asian I can vouch for how true this is. This is actually what happened years ago when one of them followed my grandmother home from the hospital and annoyed my uncle at night. Some of the superstitious "fight back" when encountering a ghost include scolding in vulgar language, threatening to send it back to hell, and using the broom to "sweep" it away.

  • Night Ninja2814
    Night Ninja2814 14 일 전 +19

    I was literally cry laughing for the ghost the moment Steven said: "I will send you to Jesus!"

  • mrnigelng
    mrnigelng 년 전 +21

    This is hilarious 😂


    "Did I say you can leave?!" ---- I always say this to my daughter when I am not yet done preaching to her for one hour. And yes, I am an Asian mom 🤣😅😂

  • Leland Hampton

    When he threw his slipper and hit the ghost I was laughing my ass off

  • Sasmitplayz

    "The only thing scary about you is your demontinization" Got me laughing to death at that point, and the second the ghosts get hit by the sandal got me laughing again.

  • Peaceful Deaths

    I love how he’s just like “The only thing scary about this is demonetization”

  • TheStreamingEnderman
    TheStreamingEnderman 4 시간 전 +5

    A guy moved in with me recently and was complaining about the house being haunted. I've been living here for 300 years and I've NEVER seen a ghost!

  • OlinaW
    OlinaW 년 전 +1

    That's how impressive Steven's dad's slipper throwing is... he can make slippers fly across dimensions :O